Whey Protein In Milk Or In Water!

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If you are a fitness enthusiast and closely follow the bodybuilding tips and the suggested doses of Proteinco nutrition, you must have come across one of the important questions of whether to take whey protein in milk or in water?
While this is still a debatable topic here we are discussing some of the pros and cons of both these choices to help you make an informed decision.
What is important to note here is that the choice of whey in milk or water largely depends on the individual preferences and health goals you want to achieve. Whether you want to gain weight and muscle mass in general or you want to lose fat and gain lean mass is a deciding factor in making the choice.

Is whey better with milk or water?

Going by the labels of the Whey Protein supplements don't reveal much of the information as they largely suggest that Whey should be mixed with either milk or water. However, the labels fail to explain the difference between the two choices.
This is your guide to pros and cons of each choice to make it easier for you-

Whey Protein with milk

If your goal is to gain weight and muscle mass, Whey in milk is the ideal option you have. Milk is a good source of the protein itself and adds a decent amount of calories in one serving which helps in the purpose of gaining weight. 
However, it is important to note that taking whey protein with milk makes body absorb and digest it slowly. If this is the choice one adopts, it should be kept as a morning protein supplement. If you intend to take post workout supplements, whey in water is a better option as it gets digested and absorbed fast.

Pros of Whey in milk

  • Best for the purpose of gaining weight and fulfill the requirement of needed calories
  • Whey protein mixed in milk tastes much better


Cons of Whey in milk

  • Due to lactose content of milk, it gets difficult to digest and can cause various symptoms such as abdominal bloating and cramps,  diarrhea, nausea,  or vomiting due to higher amount of lactose consumption
  • Difficult to absorb and digest


Whey Protein with Water

If your fitness goal is to lose weight or build lean muscle, having the whey protein mixed in water is the best option. Not only it gets absorbed easily and faster, it also provides the much-needed strength and energy to the body after workout sessions when the body needs proteins most to repair the damaged muscles.

Pros of having Whey with Water

  • The protein powder mixes with water much more easily due to a lower density of the liquid
  • Faster results in achieving weight loss and lean muscle mass 
  • Easy to digest and absorb and is a great option as a post workout supplement to repair the damaged muscle fibers and provide instant energy after the Workouts.

Cons of having Whey with water

  • Having Whey with water is tasteless 

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