3 Tips That Will Help You Lift More Weight

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The world of health and fitness is surely interesting enough. Starting from the bodybuilding tips, mastering the workout techniques, to the importance of the right Proteinco Nutrition, everything plays an important part in the endeavor of achieving right health.
If your general goal is to increase muscle strength or the sport you play requires you to have robust levels of strength, all you need to do is to master one concept shared by the Squat, Bench Press, and Dead lift all, which is to create tension throughout the body and maintain that tension through the lift and develop the ability to lift more weight.
In the world of health and fitness, tricks, tips, and insider insights are perhaps the most valuable and potent tool one can have. Here we are going to discuss the important tips that will help you lift more weight-

Using one arm while lifting weight

One of the smart ways to achieve the target of lifting more weight is to literally divide them up equally. If you are fitness enthusiasts, you can easily do this by using one appendage instead of two. Bodybuilding experts recommend that although this technique won’t work with every lift, for certain exercises, the technique can add an extra layer of difficulty that will have you straining to sweat in no time. Some of the specific lifts that can be modified for one arm include the deadlift, overhead press, and rows.

External Focus

This is an absolutely essential tip that targets the mental aspect of weight lifting and helps the lifter break through any psychological barriers they have built around bodybuilding. In this technique, the focus needs to be shifted from internal to the external. Never focus on your own body; focus on the external object in question, like the bar or dumbbell in your hands and you will be amazed to see how much more weight you will be able to lift.


The technique of making a fist and squeezing as hard as possible, followed by squeezing the glutes and trying again is known as irradiation. This technique is aimed at activating one muscle, which will radiate tension and neural activity to the nearby areas and unlock more strength. This is a tested technique that activates all the muscles in the body and allows you to lift more weight.
Generally, the pulling exercises such as the dead lifts or heavy rows leads to loosening of the grip, which limits the weight lifting capacity and slows the strength gains. One of the smart ways to avoid losing the grip is by using chalk on the hands and rubbing on the bar as well. This trick helps wick moisture for a tighter grip and increase friction by filling all the cracks on the hands and on the bar to allow you to lift more weight.
Furthermore, post an intense workout session, the muscle tissue gets stretched and damaged leading to soreness and fatigue. ‘Whey protein’ is an important supplement post-workout as it is easy to digest and is high in BCCA’s, which should definitely be included in the diet.

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