How to stay fit after 30?

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The rules of training for those who begin to start bodybuilding or sports after 30 years. All about why it is not only the gym that is important for muscle growth but also static yoga exercises.


Can I start bodybuilding after 30 years?

Very often men think that after thirty years there is no point in starting out in the gym because only teenagers are growing muscle and creating a beautiful body is easy. They call their rounded tummy "labor callus" and are proud of them, secretly hating them.

However, you can start bodybuilding at any age. The only difference is that with age the body becomes much more "tight", and the muscles will have to be carefully prepared for the loads.

The main secret of a sports figure

It is necessary to understand that in the creation of a sports figure the first place is food, and only then sports. In fact, training is needed in order to activate metabolism and make the body use food energy more efficiently, directing calories to muscle growth, and not to fat .

In this case, it is in the daily diet that most of the problems of 30-year-olds lie - at this age, a person has a large number of formed eating habits. To change your body, it is not enough to take expensive sports supplements, and it is necessary to completely revise the diet.

Features of the metabolism of the thirties

Metabolism is the process of converting calories from food to energy for the body as a whole and muscles in particular. The main problem is the reaction of the body to carbohydrates - with the long-term absence of stable physical activity, their energy begins to be stored not in muscles, but in fat.

During training , the carbohydrate stores in the muscles are emptied, after which the body re-fills them - this is the basis for the growth of muscle tissue. However, when practicing sports, most 30-year-olds begin to sharply limit carbohydrates, trying to lose weight - and losing muscle as a result.

Growth of muscles and types of muscle fibers

The human musculature consists of two types of muscle fibers - fast and slow. Bodybuilding and lifting weights develop fast fibers that work on carbohydrates. Slow fibers, working on fat, are activated with static loads, performed without movement.

Working in a sitting position and a sedentary lifestyle result in slow fibers losing elasticity, thus forming fat. In order to restore the body's natural flexibility and mobility, drying out the muscles and making the body embossed, you will need stretch marks and yoga.


Functional Yoga for Men

Hatha yoga (and, in particular, Iyengar yoga) is based on performing various exercises with body weight - starting from the bar for the development of the press, ending with squats on one leg to improve balance and coordination of movements. This is the kind of yoga ideal for men after 30 years.

Combining hatha yoga and gym will not only pump up muscles and achieve a tightened body, but also relieve chronic pain in the back and improve posture. In the video below, you can see that Iyengar yoga is very different from the usual idea of yoga.

Yoga and muscles

Regular yoga exercises have a positive effect on the tone of the musculature of the whole body. Yoga not only develops slow muscle fibers and makes them stronger, but also significantly improves the supply of muscles with blood, oxygen, and various nutrients.

At the same time combining strength training and yoga gives a double benefit. Static exercises of yoga develop coordination of movements, increasing the strength of muscles and ligaments, whereas training in the gym with a bar is useful for increasing the volume of muscles and achieving a powerful sports body.


How to start bodybuilding or playing sports in 30 years?

A typical mistake is reassessing the level of their knowledge about training and nutrition - most adults are sure that they know not only how to run and perform various physical exercises correctly, but also how to make your diet correctly. However, this is completely wrong.

Starting to play sports at the age of 30 years is extremely important to do this under the supervision of an experienced coach, correcting not only the performance of exercises but nutrition in general. Among other things, this will allow us to more realistically assess our prospects and tune into long-term progress.


Starting to play sports after thirty years, it is important to combine strength training in the gym with static exercises from yoga. This will help to achieve not just muscle growth, but also to create a tight and athletic body with no chronic pain in the back and neck.

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