Effective Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness After Working Out!

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One of the main worries of the athletes and the fitness enthusiasts is choosing the right kind of post workout supplement requirement and effective ways to reduce the muscle soreness. Post the heavy workout sessions, it is essential to consume the proper Proteinco Nutrition and energy supplements to-
  • Replenish the energy used in workouts
  • Repair the muscle tissues damaged during the workout sessions
  • To increase the muscle protein synthesis
Before discussing the effective ways to reduce the muscle soreness, it is important to understand what exactly muscle soreness is.
Extensive exercise or workout can cause micro-tears in our muscle tissue, leading to delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. This muscle soreness condition can be identified by symptoms such as stiffness, slight swelling, reduced range of motion in the affected joints etc

Repairing the muscle tissues

Post an intense workout or bodybuilding session, the muscle tissue gets stretched and damaged. It leads to the feeling of muscle soreness and fatigue. The most important supplement post-workout is quality ‘whey protein’ intake as they are-
  • Easy to digest in the system
  • These proteins are high in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids)
  • The fat content in ‘whey proteins’ are very less
  • Whey proteins are extremely rich in the nutrients needed to repair and rebuild muscles damaged during the workout. 

Effective Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Some of the effective ways to reduce muscle soreness after working out are discussed below-



Stretching is one of the bodybuilding tips which is highly effective post a good workout. Workout leads to contraction of the muscles, and the muscle fibers get shorter. A good stretch leads to lengthening them after a workout and also promotes mobility and a thorough recovery from muscle soreness.

Energy replenishment post workout to reduce muscle soreness


Intense workouts lead the body to use glucose molecules called glycogen to fuel the body with energy. Once the body uses this glycogen, it depletes its natural stores, needing to replenish the same using the supplements. Consuming the fast-digesting, high-glycemic carbs and Proteinco Nutrition immediately after training is the best post-workout nutritional supplement required by the athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Taking the right Supplements from a well-known brand such as www.proteinco.co.uk is beneficial in many ways including the reduction of the muscle soreness after a workout.

Increasing muscle protein synthesis


To increase the muscle protein synthesis is an important requirement post workout as the body gets strained due to -
  • Mechanical overloading 
  • An increase in the growth factors such as insulin, IGF-1, or growth hormone post workout
One of the essential posts work out supplement that enhances the muscle protein synthesis is BCAA product that contains fermented amino acids. 

Massaging the sore spots

It is another effective way to reduce the muscle soreness. It should be done between the workouts to ease muscle soreness and boost mobility. 
Furthermore, to maintain the fitness levels and to ensure that the body has sufficient energy post workout, it is essential to consume the proper amount and type of protein, carbs, and other supplements. It helps to replenish the energy used during your post workout, repair the muscle tissue, and to increase muscle protein synthesis in order to enhance the process of muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

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