How To Gain Lean Weight Fast

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There are many people that are facing the problem of being too skinny. Being too skinny is bad for your health just as being obese. Many people are not clinically underweight but are willing to gain muscle weight. This article outlines a simple strategy to gain weight in a quick and healthy way.

Are you “Underweight”?

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is below 18.5 then you are underweight. To sustain optimal health your body mass index should be above 18.5.

And if BMI is over 25 then it is considered overweight and over 30 is considered obese.

Remember, there are some limitations of BMI. It only looks at height and weight and does not take muscle mass into account. If according to BMI scale you are underweight then it does not means you are having a health problem. There are some people who are naturally skinny but still healthy.

How to Gain Weight The Healthy Way

If you want to gain weight, then it is very important that you do it right. Eating junk food may help you gain weight but all you gain will be dirty fat. It will destroy your health as at the same time. Set your aim to gain lean muscular weight.

1. Get in more calories

One of the reasons you are not growing, you are not consuming sufficient calories. Count the number of calories you consume. Counting calories is very important.  You can achieve your goal of gaining weight by consuming more calories than your body burns.

2. Eat More

Eating is the most important factor of getting more weight. You need to eat more frequently(once every 2-3 Hours).

Note this does not mean that you start eating whatever comes in your hand. But you should eat nutritious foods that help you build and increase muscle mass rather than fat around the waist.

Start from 5 to 6 meals a day. Set alarms on your phone to remind yourself your next meal. It is necessary that you include foods rich in protein in your meals such as meat, eggs. Consume a variety of foods in your meals and keep switching them.

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3. Avoid consumption of harmful fatty food

Avoid trans fats. You want to get healthy and fitter but such food not only earns fat and also endanger your health. So stop eating sweets, chips, candy, junk food and replace it with tuna, chicken breast, turkey, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

4. Do not forget to drink water

Drinking plenty of water is very important, especially when you exercise. The loss of body water goes to a variety of health symptoms and hurt you.

5. Enough sleep

This is the easiest part of the job: sleep. We recommend a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night.

6. Good post-workout nutrition

Next, you also must be absolutely sure you’re eating good food immediately after your workout. If you let yourself suffer at this point, you’re not maximizing the true potential of the effects of that workout.

The body is in a state where it will literally suck up any calories you supply it immediately following a workout, so failing to give it a huge dose of carbs and protein shorts the recovery process.

If there is one time you want to slam back a higher calorie shake, this will be it.

7. Weigh yourself regularly

It is necessary to weigh yourself every weekend and see what has been the result of hard work. Do not expect immediate results. If you are gaining slowly, don’t worry because gaining lean body weight is harder than gaining fatty weight. Keep yourself motivated and keep working hard until you achieve your goal.

8. Enjoy your food

Eat your food in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. When you’re in stressful environments your appetite is low. When you enjoy food with friends, family, and people you love, you get the greatest benefit.

9. Quit Smoking and tobacco

If you smoke, you need to quit it immediately. Quitting smoking will open your appetite and you will eat more. So the sooner you’ll reach your goal.

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