5 Exercises That Will Make You Better At Sex

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A lot of us know that gym and workout is good for health but not many know that gym and a robust workout routine can help in enjoying better sex as well. A good sex life requires a healthy and fit body as it uses a lot of muscles we don't normally use otherwise. To ensure that you enjoy better sex, here are some of the exercises that should be definitely added to the workout routine in order to spice up the Sex Life-

Kegel exercise

Doing Kegel exercise is considered quite important for a good sex life. The kegel exercises help in gaining control and building endurance by strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. This exercise also strengthens the muscles in body’s pelvic floor, which leads to better sex. 

Weight Lifting Exercise


Weight lifting is the thumb rule for a healthy body and a better sex life. The simple reason is the fact that weight lifting stimulates the production of testosterone in the male body, which is the primary hormone regulating the male sex drive. The recommended exercises for an improved sex life include push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches. All these muscle-building exercises help in enjoying better sex by strengthening the upper body, shoulders, chest, and abs. Weight lifting exercise also builds a lot of stamina as these muscles are primarily used during the process of intercourse.

Brisk walking

There are several studies that suggest that the aerobic exercises including brisk walking lower the risk of the commons sexual problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Brisk walking is known to help the condition of ED by improving the blood circulation and the flow of blood in the body. Other than fast walking, aerobic activities also help to improve the sex life as they keep the blood vessels clear which leads to better performance and stronger erections. Furthermore, vigorous activities including swimming, running, and brisk walking have a relaxing effect on the body due to the release of endorphins which in turn boosts sexual performance. 


It is a known fact that sexual activity is largely an act of endurance and stamina.  Swimming for at least 20 minutes three times a week can significantly increase the stamina and sexual endurance which leads you to perform better in bed. Swimming is also considered a great activity for weight loss, which again can lead to better sex life.


Squats are an essential exercise form for keeping the body fit and also to have a better sex life as well. There are many different types of squats but the main concept and technique are the same.  Proper technique is the most important thing while doing any kind of squats. Squats are the functional exercise form which helps in promoting mobility and balance of the body along with building stamina that helps in enjoying a good sex life. Squats are also known to help in the process of burning fat and calories that can also enhance the performance.
Other than these exercises, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and daily consumption of Proteinco Nutrients and Supplements are extremely helpful in boosting the performance and enjoying a good sex life.  

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