Your comprehensive supplement guide for effective weight loss

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With increasingly hectic schedules and unhealthy lifestyle habits, one of the most common problems that a lot of people from all age groups struggle with is persistent weight gain and deteriorating fitness levels.


To achieve the goal of the Weight Loss/ Fat Loss and a fit body, the right amount of nutrients such as Proteins and other Supplements are essential to consume. Protein and Supplements provide required energy which is very important for the heavy workout sessions involved during Bodybuilding and Muscle building efforts. However, figuring out which and how much proteins and supplements to take pre and post workout is not an easy task.


Here is an easy guide for protein and supplement requirement of the body to attain consistent Weight Loss and high fitness levels-


When and how much ‘Protein’ should intake is sufficient?


Proteins play an important role in consistent weight loss, maintaining the joint health by making muscles elastic and by building strength. As per the nutritional experts, protein intake should be timed and adequate for a healthy individual’s daily caloric intake.


  • Protein intake in the morning: If your goal is to lose weight and to feel energized during the day, it's best to have the protein in the first meal of the day. At night, the body uses up most of the nutrients and proteins, making it essential to recharge the body in the morning.
  • Protein intake before workouts: In case your health goal is to gain muscle mass or lose extra fat or to regain a healthy metabolism and effective workouts, do ensure to take your dose of protein before your workout sessions.
  • Protein intake before sleeping: One of the important times to have protein in the diet is before going to bed. It is the time when the body will be using reserve energy for 7-8 hours of inactivity and protein serves the purpose best.


Benefits of taking Supplements

The pre and post-workout supplements benefit in the below three important areas-

  • Strength and muscular endurance
  • Pump and Vasodilation
  • Strengthening mental focus or energy
  • Healthy Weight Loss/ Fat Loss


Although there are innumerable products available in the market which claims to help in these areas, only a few of them have been tried-and-tested to be distinguished as the workout performance enhancers, as long as they are consumed in measured amounts.


Some of the most effective workout supplements include BCAAs, Creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, taurine, etc.




BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids are very crucial before or after the workout for many reasons such as-

  • Unlike whole-food proteins, BCAAs are easily absorbed into the blood stream
  • BCAAs as pre-workout supplements help in reducing soreness and also for quick muscle recovery




  • During heavy workout and weightlifting, the body needs ATP but it can only last a few seconds after which the body has to regenerate it. Creatine is an essential supplement which generates ATP
  • Creatine helps the muscles to contract longer and harder and is effective for consistent Weight Loss as well. It can be found in food sources such as red meats, eggs, and fish




  • Citrulline is an amino acid that enhances sports performance, reduce fatigue and increase the overall performance of the body
  • Citrulline achieves this by relaxing blood vessels, a process called Vasodilation
  • It is also a health supplement which alleviates erectile dysfunction caused by high blood pressure


How do the Supplements help the body in Weight Loss and maintaining Fitness levels?


Repairing the muscle tissues

Post an intense workout session, the muscle tissue gets stretched and damaged. It leads to the feeling of muscle soreness and fatigue. The right supplements such as ‘whey protein’ intake is recommended post the workout as they are-

  • Easy to digest in the system
  • The fat content in ‘whey proteins’ is very less which leads to Weight Loss
  • These proteins are high in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids)
  • They are extremely rich in the nutrients needed to repair and rebuild muscles damaged during the workout.


Energy replenishment

Intense workouts lead the body to use glucose molecules called glycogen to fuel the body with energy. Once the body uses this glycogen, it depletes its natural stores, needing to replenish the same using the supplements. Consuming the fast-digesting, high-glycemic, carbs immediately after training is the best post-workout nutritional supplement required by the athletes and fitness enthusiasts for achieving high fitness level and sustained weight loss.


Final Thoughts


Different supplements have different effects on the body. However, taking the right Supplements from a well-known brand such as  is beneficial in many ways other than just the Weight Loss. Some of the other benefits are-


  • Increased strength, speed, and endurance in the body
  • Creatine helps in increasing speed, power, and size of the muscles, strength endurance and tolerance to fatigue.


Nutrients (Protein) and Supplements are extremely helpful performance boosters for the workout sessions and they're intended to supplement a healthy, balanced diet for an enhanced performance, consistent Weight Loss, and several other health benefits.

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