Most Common Deadlift Mistakes and how to overcome them.

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The deadlift is a type of weightlifting exercise used as an effective bodybuilding technique. It is one of the most popular weightlifting competitions in the Olympics and other competitive games. However, it needs extreme precision to perform a deadlift as it can put tremendous pressure on the lower back of an individual leading to the severe pain and at times, life-altering injuries, if not done under the expert guidance and with proper form and the correct technique & equipment.
The effects and consequences of the ‘dead lift’ are debatable. Here we are discussing the different aspects and the common deadlift mistakes to avoid.

Why is the dead lift good?

One of the good parts about the ‘dead lift’ is the fact that if done with proper technique and form, it leads to the strengthening of every muscle in the body. The deadlift should always be done with the proper form for the best results. 
What makes ‘dead lift’ a good exercise for the athletes is the fact that it builds a lot of strength and stamina in the body. However, it should only be done after a lot of practice in lifting weight and prepping up the body to lifting in a right way so as to avoid the chances of any injuries or possible falls.

Most Common Deadlift Mistakes

There are many negative effects of ‘dead lift’ if done in a wrong or improper way. Some of the most common deadlift mistakes are discussed below-
  • As per the experts, lifting the weight using one’s back, at times, can cause severe pain and increase the chances of life altering injuries such as disablement, altered posture for life etc. Lower back and spine is a very sensitive area and any form of exercises involving these parts should always be done post the guidance and complete information on the correct technique and form.
  • Another common deadlift mistake is squatting down to pick up the bar wrong way. The primary motion in an ideal deadlift should essentially be “back and forth” where there is maximal hip bend but minimal knee bend motion.
  • Not keeping the back neutral is another common deadlift mistake that should be avoided. Even if the weight is too heavy, body needs to be physically prepared enough to support the weight by keeping a neutral spine and tightening up the abs.
  • Doing deadlift can really take an ugly turn in the people who are already struggling with the back injury from doing a deadlift in an incorrect way. They might feel that they are recovering from the pain but a wrong deadlift can re lapse the back injury leading to serious troubles in the long run.

Repairing the muscle tissues post the deadlift

Post an intense deadlift session, the muscle tissue gets stretched and damaged. It leads to the feeling of muscle soreness and fatigue. The most important supplement post-workout is quality ‘whey protein’ intake as they are-
  • Easy to digest in the system
  • The fat content in ‘whey proteins’ are very less
  • These proteins are high in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids)
Also, Whey proteins are extremely rich in the nutrients needed to repair and rebuild muscles damaged during the deadlift workout. Taking the right Proteinco Nutrition from a well-known brand such as is beneficial in many ways other than just the negative consequences of the deadlift.
Deadlift, undoubtedly, can be a good form of exercise only if done with the proper instruction, with the correct technique and form, and support for the back. 

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